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Happy Go Digital have a proven track record for getting websites ranked high up in popular search engines such as Google - this is through a process known in the industry as "site optimisation" or "Search Engine Optimisation". The May Organic Farms got from page 18 to page 1 within days of being optimised, KDL Marine Services got from nowhere on Google rankings to page 2 with their top keywords within the space in one month.


We recognise the importance of being ranked in the top 3 pages of Google. Research has proven that people get fed up searching Internet pages after about the second page, so being on page four is almost worthless. We have good conversion rates, receiving emails from clients telling us of sales as a direct result of their website where none were to be had before.

Not all of our clients wish to be positioned so high on Google - or at least it's not a priority for them so they may wish to save their money and merely signpost people to their brochure website. But for those people whose sole aims are to increase their visitor numbers in having a website, optimisation is I would go as far as saying - crucial.



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