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New Media

Web pages

We can design lovely simple, fresh and clear websites to fit your budget and needs. For more complex designs pages prices will vary accordingly.

Shopping Carts

We can set up your site with a secure payment system or we can add a payment system to an existing site. We currently use Sec Pay and Pay Pal which you can either use together or seperately. You will need to discuss this option with us further to find out if this service is suitable for your business and you will also need to have a bank account which will accept online payments in this way.

Content management systems (CMS)

We have both off-the-shelf open source solutions and bespoke ones which are built to your unique specification. At Happy Go Digital no E-Commerce solution is to large or too small. We have provided solutions for shopping sites, calendar bookings, estate agents, and client login systems have been built for firms to use in-house and are accessible online.

Booking and contact enquiry forms

Maybe your site would benefit from a booking or contact enquiry form to ease you into a shopping cart system or simply it suits you better that people contact you in the first instance and you have information regarding their contact details and needs. Costs depend upon complexity - get in touch for a free consultation.

Web forums

We have experience of setting up forums or message boards as some people like to call them. The package we use allows you to moderate the site in a number of ways such as self-moderation and regualated posts.

Logo design

We can design you a logo for your business which can also then be animated which can be featured on your website, mobile phone screensaver and PowerPoint presentation if you so wish.


We can do bespoke animation and we can configure off the shelf solutions. Sometimes just a small fade in photograph will add that professional look and feel. These are relatively low cost solutions which give impression of large website budgets.

Galleries & Web Calendars

If your business relies upon the use of photos to showcase your business or organisation maybe a Flash Gallery is what you need. Visit our homepage for just one example of what a Flash gallery looks like. Get in touch for further details on implementing and costing this solution.

Ads and Animated logos

Flash banner ads are an increasingly popular advertising tool - an animated advert on other people's sites. Get in touch as see if we can cost one for you.


We offer a range of hosting packages to suit your needs. Visit our hosting link on the bottom left menu for more info.


We offer training to our clients to either update their websites or in general web design and graphic design. We run workshops when trigger levels are set - ie when we have enough people to run a workshop. One-one training is available but the cost to an individual is much higher than if they wait for a group workshop.


Do you have printed brochures? We can design them for you if not. If you do - why not have electronic brochures for your website to save on paper - it's environmentally friendly and easier on the purse.

Online movie clips/embedded filims

We can embed movie clips into your website to bring it alive. We can also embedd short promotional dvds. We have the expertise to create your film if you don't have one already. If you have old footage such as a vhs cassette we have the technology to convert these into formats suitable for the web.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is basically the activities which will improve the ranking order on search engines such as Google and in doing so getting you more hits. This is referred to in the industry as conversion rates. We have done a lot of research on these activities and have been carrying out SEO on our client's sites with a 100% success rate in getting sites to thefirst 2 pages of Google where they had no ranking before. Get in touch and find out how we can position your exisiting site or how we can position your new website. We tend to cost this as part of a hosting package. See Site Optimisation page and also Hosting packages for further information.


We can builld sites which are accessible up to level AAA. By law now all sites should be level A compliant. We can validate your site using special software to point out where it may be failing levels of compliancy. Get in touch to find out how you can get your Accessibility badge on your site for an affordable price.

Content writing

Find it hard to find the words to explain your business or services? Want some help in content writing? We can write it for you- just get all the info to us and we can interpret it into the text content for your website.





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